I have been taking photographs for most of my adult life.
I grew up in Rhode Island and attended public schools there.
I have an AA in Liberal Arts and a BA in English.
I lived in Durango, Colorado as a college student and for more than 30 years in New York City.
I have an extensive background in the theatre as an actor, writer and director.I am an award winning playwright and screenwriter.
I am good with children and pets.
I have been married for 29 years. I have a grown son.

My style is relaxed and supportive. I take my time and seek the best possible results for the both of us.

$200 for one hour
100 images on disc or flash drive
1 wardrobe change
$250 for 90 mins
150 images
2 changes
$300 for 2 hrs
200 images
3 changes
(Cash or check OK)


Five stars, two thumbs up and a gentleman with a true skill for his art, especially natural lighting.
Jessica Dickson (actress)

James is the "It" Photographer for me! My absolute favorite in all the years I've been in the modeling industry. He's very professional and great at capturing the whole picture, even down the the twinkle in your eye. He has a great eye for detail that goes along with his passion for natural lighting!
Melissa Monteiro

James is always a pleasure to work with and takes excellent photos. He is always open to a variety of ideas and locations to give you the best shots possible. He is always professional and respectful and works hard to make the client happy. Do not hesitate to book him!"

James Crafford has the uncanny ability to bring out the very best in anyone he photographs. It's a surprise with every shot, that it's actually you in those photos. You never realized you looked so good!
Michael Andryc (Sante Fe Folk Artist)

Great person to work with, very easy going.
Patricia Polanco (Model)

James was very professional as this was my first photo session, I was a bit nervous but James made me feel at ease and did a fantastic job. Thank you
Donnalee Hetu (Private client)

I am and was honored.
Sarah Nella Vanilla (Model/Artist)

Very professional/Easy to work with/Flexible with comfort ability level
Rhonda Gormley (Model)

James is one of my favorite photographers that I have worked with so far. He's very nice, enthusiastic and creative. He only works in natural lighting, which is a plus because it's very rare to find any photographers that do that.
Kiki Thi Le (Model)

Jim has been nothing short of a miracle for my self esteem. With his camera he has single-handedly been my mirror to see the beauty in me again. Always professional and cordial, he aims to capture moments in time. And he does so with perfection and creativity.
Amanda Barnes (Photographer/Model)

James is a rare talent as a photographer. He always brings something new to the table every time we do a shoot and I know my photos are going to look awesome! He is always open to my suggestions as well such as location, wardrobe, and concept of our shoot. I consider James very professional and every time I work with him I can tell he takes the art of photography very seriously, I would recommend him to anyone!
Carolina V (Model)

I have worked with James Crafford a few times and each time working with him he has captured wonderful images of myself and others. He has a great eye for natural lighting pieces. He is such a nice and great person and photographer to work with.
Jacqueline Barrios (Model)